Our mission

A foody will always request for food that tasted better, last longer and weighed less when an emergency exists or on special occasions. Hamps Bio Pvt Ltd. responded to that request and won the hearts of its customers.

We deliver vacuum freeze-dried food, fruits and vegetables. They can be used as travel snacks, in kid’s lunch box, as party snacks, food on the go or as convenience snacks.

Our readymade food and fruit products are most beneficial for working people & office goers. It can also be used for school picnics, vacation tours, office party, birthday celebrations, house party, kitty party & more.

HAMPS Bio Pvt. Ltd. delivers freeze dried fruits under brand name FZYEZY. Hamps Bio Pvt Ltd is a manufacturing & trading company from Gujarat, India since 2007.

Besides, FZYEZY abides with all the food standards (FSSAI License: 10012021000365) prevailing in India. We care for the health of our customers above all.

Our values

FZYEZY is the leading provider of All Natural Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks, providing the absolute best quality as per international standards. Our values lie in the belief that fruit is perfect just the way Mother Nature intended it to be.

100% natural and fresh. We pick fruits at the peak of ripeness. Mango, Apples, Strawberries, Bananas, Black Plum, Chikoo (Sapota), Pineapple, Custard Apple, and Pomegranate are freeze dried.

This way the fruits retain the flavors and nutrients without additives or preservatives. They maintain the natural taste, color, texture, aroma and nutritional value like it was before freeze drying.

Our products are packaged in convenient quantity and available in a variety of sizes and flavors.

We maintain stringent quality standards while manufacturing our tasty freeze dried fruit snacks. We make dry fruit snacks that are allergy free and healthy for all age groups.

Order crunchy & crispy fruit snacks for your next trip at FZYEZY shop.



At FZYEZY, we are committed to revolutionizing the way you eat snacks. Moreover, we’re on a mission to deliver top quality, cruncy, crispy, and healthy fruit snacks to give you a delicious treat in every bite.

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