What are the Applications of Freeze Drying Technology


What is Freeze Drying? Freeze-drying is also known as lyophilization. This is a technique used for preservation of perishables such as food, or items that deteriorate if not refrigerated. It can be performed under conditions of decreased temperature as well as low pressure. Freeze-drying is different from dehydration in the sense that dehydration involves exposure […]

What is Vacuum Freeze Drying Technology?

vacuum freeze drying process

Vacuum freeze-drying technology keeps your food in an eatable condition for a long time. You can store a freeze-dried meal for years and years. And then, when you’re finally ready to eat it, you can completely revitalize it with a little hot water. Even after all those years, the taste and texture will be pretty […]

How to Use Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks?

fruit ice cream

Freeze-dried fruit snacks are modern-day snacks. Their usage is pretty simple and hassle-free. First thing first is you don’t have to worry about the quality. It is because they are picked, packed and delivered under strict quality check conditions. Second, there’s absolutely no need to cut, peel, wash or do anything that makes them germ-free […]